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Group Work Breakdown or Conflict? Try UNB’s Volunteer Mediator Program!

Group work can be a great way to engage students and to reinforce skills that will be invaluable to them after graduation. Unfortunately, communication between the students can sometimes break down and the experience can be ruined for all of those involved. Luckily, the Volunteer Mediator program provided by the Office of Human Rights & Positive Environment offers the perfect solution.

The Volunteer Mediator program provides students with access to a confidential, neutral party who can:

  • Help mediate and resolve their conflict
  • Facilitate discussion or decision making within their group
  • Provide conciliation talks to assist in reaching a mutually agreeable solution
  • Lead workshops and information sessions on conflict resolution strategies

Mediators have been trained as Third Party Neutrals through the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution and the UNB/CEL program.

If group work is part of your course evaluation, please consider recommending the Volunteer Mediator program to your students. Volunteer Mediators are available to students in both Fredericton and Saint John and can be contacted through Barbara Roberts, the Human Rights Officer at UNB. She can be reached at, or by phone at 506-458-7889. More information can be found here.